How to Prep Lips for Matte Liquid Lipstick Application

Matte Liquid Lipsticks are one of my favorite formulas of lipsticks, but I’ve always found them to be really drying and leave my lips begging for hydration. So I invented my own lipsticks for Beaute Aurelia, the “Aurelia Matte Liquid Lipsticks.” I ensured my formula didn’t have that drying effect but for the best application, I ensured I had smooth, chapped-free lips before application in order to get the best look after it dries down. 

1.  I usually exfoliate my lips using a homemade or store bought sugar scrub. This is one of the best alternatives to soft smooth lips which is really safe since it’s literally a sugar scrub. 

2. I found that lining your lips before applying liquid lipsticks also gives your lips a more full effect.  

3. Start applying the liquid lipstick from the outter areas of your lips while gradually moving inward. One coat of our long lasting lipsticks does the job since our formula is really pigmented and guarantees that you will break necks after stepping out

4. Within 20 seconds or less, your lips should be completely dry, smudgeproof and smooch proof. 


So Heaux 😍

So Heaux 😍


Kandyce Aurelia